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Spray Tanning

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This custom spray tan includes natural, medium, dark and ultra dark to choose from.

 * Minimum processing time of 8 hours.



Choose between 2 different rinse times! 

Choose between 2 different rinse times now! 
Option 1). Standard 8-12 Hour Processing 
Option 2). Express 1-4 Hour Processing 
Both options include a custom blend of natural, medium, dark or ultra dark color. A full body coat of fresh drying powder will be applied to ensure you do not feel sticky or tacky.

*Express Option Disclaimer*
(Your rinse time will be determined based off how dark you would like your color). Even though you will rinse early, expect your tan to take up to 24 hours to fully process and show up on to your skin. 




Option 1). Standard 8-12 Hour Processing 

Option 2). Express 1-4 Hour Processing

This custom tan includes the choice of natural, medium, dark, and ultra dark. The processing time is 8 hours minimum*. This spray tan starts with a prep spray to balance out the skin surface and is finished off with a post-hydration spray application. This post-spray formula boosts hydration levels and sunless color results--- binds moisture, locks in DHA, & eliminates common sunless odor. This tan is perfect for the client who's needing an extra hydration kick! Drying powder is applied as well!



This HOT spray tan is for those who want to achieve the appearance of a tighter, more toned body and lifted bum. Perfect for vacation tans, photo shoots or an everyday glow! REMINDER- We enhance/contour whatever you already have! Results will vary! This includes jaw slimming, cheek contouring, and a butt lift! This brings spray tanning to a whole new LEVEL! Drying powder & any color of your choice included.* Minimum processing time of 8 hours. 

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