Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination Information

      Brow lamination is the process of breaking down your hair bond to manipulate a feathery- fluffed up shape, creating a fuller more natural looking brow. Brow hair has 3 stages; the GROWING IN the GROWN IN and the GROWING OUT. With brow lamination, people are brushing their brows more than ever so are now noticing the normal hair loss cycle. Just like the hair on our heads, we buy expensive oils and treatments to maintain a healthy looking shine, and prevent split ends and breakage. Your brows should be no different. This will help prevent any long or short term damage to our brows and keep them fully healthy and most importantly, beautiful. 

Brow Lamination Maintenance

     Brow lamination is LOW maintenance. My daily routine is oil every night with castor oil (wk 2 to wk 8) mark and can be purchased on Amazon). Wash in an upward fashion with my standard face wash each morning in the shower. Condition each morning (2-3 weeks is when I start this) and most importantly, SET WHEN WET. Brush brows when wet from the shower and allow to dry naturally for best results. Always us an oil base makeup remover to remove makeup from your brows to minimize excess rubbing leading to potential hair loss. 

How to oil Laminated Brows

      Place a small pea size amount of castor oil in the palm of your hand, pop a small amount on our index finger and run through your brows like Vaseline. Brush through with mascara wand or just your standard shampoo. I also condition mine each morning in the shower with standard conditioner using my fingers in an upward and out motion. This process starts at week 3.