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Spray Tan PRE & Post CAre


  • Exfoliate 24-48 hours prior to your tan with an oil-free body scrub. Timing is crucial! We recommend doing all of your shaving at this point.

  • Avoid showering/shaving/using hair products within 12 hours before/after your session. (If you must shower right before please only rinse with cool water, do not use any products that may cling to the skin and block your tan from developing).

  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!

  • Absolutely do not use Dove, Olay, Dial, Aveeno, or Irish Spring (or any similar bar soap) within 72 hours before your session or after the tan! These soaps create a heavy barrier on the skin that disrupts the processing of your tan and may cause discoloration.

  • Make sure to remove any previous self-tanner or spray tan with an exfoliator mitt!

  • Avoid using any products high in pH.

  • Do not apply any deodorant/lotion/perfume/oils/makeup etc. as these are spray tan barriers and can prevent an even spray tan.

  • Please wear loose/dark clothing to your appointment to wear after your spray tan application. (We recommend not wearing a bra after your spray tan, as it can remove the tan on your shoulders/back)

  • Be prepared for weather conditions! Ex: Bring an umbrella and closed-toed shoes if rain is expected!


  • Please follow the rinse instructions & time given to you by your spray tan artist. This is crucial in the color development of your spray tan to ensure proper color processing. Please note most tanning options are an 8-12 hour processing time. Ask your technician if you have any questions!

  • Avoid any activities that may provoke getting wet or sweating while your tan is processing.

  • Always wear loose, dark clothing until your rinse time. If you are processing overnight it is CRUCIAL to wear long loose pants and a long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt to bed!

  • Do not apply any lotions, makeup, perfumes, etc. to the skin until rinse time.

  • When your processing time is up, rinse WELL (with only cool water) to prevent the cosmetic bronzer (temporary layer) from staining the skin. Rinse until the water is clear and double-check for "streaks". If streaks appear, get back in that shower & continue to rinse!

  • Avoid the use of any soaps, shaving, hair washing, etc. during your first rinse.

  • Aftercare products are CRUCIAL for your tan. A tan-extending lotion and a spray tan-friendly soap will give your glow the love it deserves.

  • Mineral oils, petroleum, alcohol, parabens, and sulfates found in most creams and body washes can cause your tan to fade unevenly and prematurely. So be sure to check your product ingredient list!

  • Keeping your body moisturized is KEY to keeping the tan hydrated. Hydrated skin makes for an amazing, long-lasting color. Drinking a lot of H2O isn’t a bad idea either 😉

  • Please note the use of hot tubs, chlorinated pools, and the ocean can cause your tan to fade faster.

  • If you are a regular tanner, please be sure to exfoliate the tan off your skin prior to a new application! This will ensure amazing, even, and long-lasting results!


How long will the spray tan last?

The general answer is about 5-7 days. However, your tan may last much longer with proper preparation and maintenance! We carry great products in the studio for prep, and maintenance, and to help extend the life of your tan.

What soaps and lotions should I avoid?

It’s best to avoid any products that contain alcohol, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, and fragrance. It's best to use all-natural products or products made for spray tans. Cetaphil, Shea Moisture Butter, and HempZ body lotions are great local finds for spray tans. We also carry all spray tan-designed products! *Please avoid the use of Dove, Olay, Dial, Aveeno, or Irish Spring soap.

When should I get sprayed if I have an event on a Saturday?

We suggest getting your spray tan 1-2 days prior to your event! So be sure to schedule appropriately!

How long do I need to wait to rinse off after my initial spray?

For most solutions, the processing time is a minimum of 8 hours until the first rinse. We do also offer an express-rinse solution that allows you to rinse between 3-6 hours after you get sprayed! (Express-rinse solutions are great for when you are pressed for time or you don’t trust yourself for a full 8 hours of processing without messing your tan up!)

I’m pregnant, can I get a tan?

YES! Absolutely. Please check with your doctor first!

What’s the difference between your tan options?

We carry several different solutions to accommodate all skin types. We offer colors ranging from light to ultra-dark, however, all our solutions can be customized to a color suitable for your natural undertones & skin type. Most of our tanning options are an 8-12 hour processing time, depending on your desired color. Our spray tan solutions are aloe-based and contain antioxidants, great for keeping the skin hydrated! All our solutions give you the option to be a genuine deep-dark tone or have honey/golden hues.

How do I know which tan to schedule?

If you’ve never been sprayed with us before, simply select the option "Luxury Tan".  This includes any color & full-body drying powder. We can decide at your session which bronze will be best for your skin type and desired result.

Can I get burnt with a spray tan?

Yes, please protect yourself with a spray-tan-friendly sunblock! Sunblocks that contain alcohol will dry out your skin and strip your tan. Getting burnt with a spray tan will cause your tan to peel and appear uneven. A Spray Tan will not protect you from the sun.

Will the spray tan stain my clothes?

The bronzer from the tan may rub off onto your clothes, sheets, etc. That is why we do suggest wearing long-sleeved, dark clothing to wear while your tan is processing until your first rinse! *Getting our fan-favorite full-body finishing powder treatment at the end of your service will alleviate that risk! If the bronzers rub off, pop your clothes/sheets in the wash the following day.

How often should I be getting a spray tan?

This is totally up to you! Our clients that are on more of a regular schedule tend to either do it once a week, once every 10 days, or once every 2 weeks. The difference depends on how well you are caring for your tans, your skin and how it holds the tan, and your schedule! We do not suggest spray tanning just a few days apart since that will cause too much build-up if proper exfoliation isn’t done! Too much build-up will cause your tan to appear uneven and “blotchy”.

What types of payment do you take?

Cash, Debit cards & Credit Cards, Apple Pay.

I’m a bride, do you suggest a trial?

If you are a new client of ours, we always suggest doing a trial 1-2 months prior to your wedding! Just to ensure we give you the perfect color you desire!

I’m really fair-skinned, am I going to look orange?

Absolutely not. The majority of our clients are fair-skinned! Our lighter clients absolutely love our solutions and technique. You will look amazingly natural as long as you be sure to properly prepare for your tan and use the proper products to maintain it!

When should I get my nails done or Body/Facial Waxing?

Getting your nails done 1-3 days prior to your tan is ideal! When getting your nails done after, you run the risk of the nail tech scrubbing off your tan. If you are getting your nails done the same day as your tan, be sure to tell the technician to not apply lotion or exfoliate your skin! The same goes for waxing, 2-3 days prior to your service.

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