Spray Tanning


1. Get all your waxes and nails done 1-2 days before your appointment


2. Night before the spray tan do all your shaving to ensure best color for the next day.


3. Exfoliate with an oil free scrub. Here are my recommendations. We sell an exfoliating body wash to help you  prepare your skin for your spray tan, stop in! If you can't get to me,  you will want to get HEMPZ exfoliating scrub from Ulta.  If you don't have an oil free scrub please only use water and loofah. DO NOT USE  DOVE, OLAY, AVEENO, OR DIAL SOAPS. THEY WILL TURN YOUR TAN GREEN. 

4. Scrub off all deodorants, lotions, perfumes, shampoos, and conditioners that hit the body and neck.

5. The day of your appointment do NOT wear makeup, lotions, perfumes, and deodorant. This will react with the spray tan and can affect the tan.


1. When do I shower off my tan? Depending on which solution we use I will give you a time to shower before you leave your appointment.   


2. Your first shower should be a quick rinse to get off all the bronzer (luke warm temp is best). Glide your hand all over your body brushing off the bronzer layer.

3. Pat dry after your shower. No vigorous rubbing.

4. DO NOT exfoliate with loofahs, body scrubs, body washes or soaps with exfoliating beads until your tan starts to fade away.

5. DO NOT use scented body washes. We highly recommend our aftercare products from the salon. We have body wash and tanning extenders to prolong your tan another 4-5 days. A must have- if your going on vacay!

6.When can I work out?

It is recommended you wait 2-3 days after your tan, you want the tan to fully set onto the skin first.